• 20 liters
  • 60liters
  • 60 liters
  • 90liters
  • 100 liters
  • 100liters
  • 135liters
  • 170 liters
  • 190 liters
  • 200iters
  • 200iters
  • 255 liters
  • 260liters
  • 300liters
  • 400liters
  • 600liters
  • 750liters
  • 900liters
  • 1000liters
  • 1500liters
  • 2000liters
  • 3000liters
  • 450liters

20 liters







Numbers are in cm

Varied in size and color

Varied in size and color

Anti Bactrial

Anti Bactrial

Multi-layer anti-algae

Multi-layer anti-algae

Anti Uvi

Anti Uvi


10 years guarantee


function of Bathtub

Simple /

✔️From 20 to 5000 liter, types of transparent single-layer and anti-bacterial single-layer.

✔️The most appropriate type of tub for storage and maintenance of types of drinkable, chemical, pharmaceutical, fuel and acid fluids etc.

✔️The only tub produced by Nano technology, completely healthy and anti-bacterial approved by Pasteur Institute and Academic Center for Education, Culture & Research in Iran

✔️ The best selection for storage of drinking water and edible fluids without any changes in color, adore and taste due to applying 1st food grade raw materials.

✔️ Holder of National Standard Emblem from National Iran Standard Organization and Production Health License from Food & Drug Organization as mentioned on tubs

✔️ Applicable for agricultural, veterinary, food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing industries and industrial usages

✔️ Applicable in cold and warm regions due to very low thermal transfer

✔️ High diversity of dimensions and sizes considering the conditions for installation and maintenance of customers.

✔️ Easy usage due to quick and easy installation of types of standard connections.

✔️ Resistant against solar UV radiation.

✔️ Light, resistant and easily portable

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