The tanks shall be located on a completely leveled and smoothed ground and the lower part of tanks shall benefit flattened surface.

Avoid increasing height or leveling tanks with pieces of stones and constructional materials.

Tanks should be kept out of any fire flames and electricity flow.

Tanks should be kept far from any sharp and cutting thing.

To avoid making and growing any algae, tank lid should be fastened closely.

The tanks used in height should be certainly connected to the structure.

The tanks consisting of fluids and used for transportation have no guarantee coverage.

The tanks consisting of fluids and used for transportation have no guarantee coverage

These tanks are manufactured for storage of types of water-based fluids. Please, surely consult us for other fluids.

These products may be used in thermal range of -32 to +70 degree of environment.

Avoid throwing tanks upon discharge.

Avoid transporting the full tanks containing stored materials by any other vehicle than Nissan tank.

Surely, avoid standing and placing things on tanks.

For the fluids with the density more than water, vertical tanks are more appropriate tanks.

Avoid rolling and dragging tanks on the ground.

For installation of mixer, vertical and cone bottom tanks are proper selection.

In case of using tanks in burial form, the tank and the wall for burial place shall have a 20-cm gap.

These tanks are not under pressure and any internal and external pressure shall be avoided.

The materials stored in the tanks have no guarantee.

It is permitted to install any kind of standard connections on tank with due observance of avoiding any pressure on the tank wall.

For polyethylene tub, it seems better to use retentive frames to prevent any changes in the form.

For circulation of fluid in the tank, it is better to

The platform under the tank shall be larger than the bottom of the tank.

Avoid making a bridge from the tank on the wall.